Rachel & Stuarts Wedding at The Reid Rooms

Stuart was the first one i met with these clients he came in alone for an inital meeting regarding their wedding photography which is unusal and lovely to see the grooms taking a role.  Stuart booked on the night and then i met Rachel at their pre wedding shoot.  I also rememeber their pre wedding shoot was a wet day and the heavens opened.

Luckily on their day the sun was shining and no rain was in sight.

One of their first concerns was the height difference as stuart was a tall lad and Rachel was a short lady so it isnt always an easy task but theres some way to get around this with poses or camera angles.

Below you see a dipping shot that brings stuart down to Rachels height while a blue and yellow smoke bomb was released.

Stuart went for white trousers and a very relaxed attire which made a lovely change.  The couple really enjoyed fun and quirky images as they had 3 young children.  We took them into the fields, we used the pin wheels, chalk boards and parasols.

On the day they had 3 children themselves and lots more so they hired a childrens entertainer in for during the drinks and meal to keep the children happy.

Their bridesmaid were a strong bold pink with glittery sequin details and bouquets were 2 shades of pink and ivory.  Their cake was stunning with gold pattern and large suger pink roses falling down the tiers.  the pink sparkles continued in their wedding breakfast room with pink sequin table runners.


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