Newborn Photography



SE Photography have been photographing Newborns for 12 years. We offer Natural Newborn shoots using a variety of props/hats/baskets and more from our extensive collection. 

We are happy to include your own items that are special or unique to you and your baby, we can also incorporate your job, hobby or interests to personalise them if you so wish.  

We like to discuss with your before the shoot on colours and styles for the day.  We recommend you book us before baby arrives so we can allocate one day a week in our diary until baby arrives.

Booking Fee of £50 secures the booking.

It is ideally best to shoot your baby in the first 2 weeks, so that baby is more tired and before milk spots develop. For safety Babies must be asleep for a lot of poses.  We can shoot the style at any age but its more limited when they are more awake and harder to settle them in the poses.

Shoots take approx three hours depending on baby and how settled they are.

Newborn Shoots are £350 for the 3 hour shoot.

Receive £50 discount if you book with maternity shoot.