Lucy & Jack’s Wedding at Newland Hall

Back to newland hall so quickly after the last this time for the lovely Lucy & Jack on 27th March 2022.

This was such a fun couple always smiling and laughing.  You see below some funny images live the groom throwing the bouquet and all the guys running away!

They had a movie and film theme to their wedding, hence the clapper board in the photo below.

I will never forget this wedding as they ordered a hog roast an outside caterer for their meal but they didn’t turn up so we had to order in pizzas on a sunday night and mothers day we finally found a dominos in Baddow to fulfil the order for 80 guests and my own husband went to collect with his big van as they couldn’t deliver such a large order.

Everyone cheered when the pizzas arrived finally and they laughed as it was a movie theme wedding.  I stayed on later at the wedding to help sort out the pizzas and get them to the guests.

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