Leez Priory Wedding of Abby & Gary

26th April 2013 we photographed the wedding of Abby & Gary. Leez Priory is such a stunning Venue in Essex and looked great on this sunny spring day.

It was great to see some of our previous couples, as Abby & Gary had been at two previous weddings we had done. The first was Gary’s sister Vicky & Steven Logan who had there baby boy with them at the wedding who looked very cute in his little suit and also Danielle & Tom. It’s was a lovely surprise to see Danielle was expecting their first baby any day and  made a beautiful bridesmaid.

We started with Abby and her bridesmaid upstairs for some photos and was amazed at her artificial Bouquets they really did look stunning and it meant all the ladies could keep their bouquets as a reminder of the day.

Abby had a stunning fitted fishtail dress and was trying to decide whether to have the strap or to go strapless, we really loved the strap and told Abby it complimented the gown lovely  giving the dress that finishing touch, looking back at the photos she was really glad she went with the strap.

This was the first time we tried doing small film clips to incorporate in the YouTube videos we have been doing, and we capture some great clips of their ceremony which was emotional and full of laughter, Abby & Gary really loved the video we put together for them and glad we had capture their ceremony.

After the ceremony we took Abby & Gary out for a stroll around the lake and grounds surrounding Leez Priory. As it was such a bright sunny day it make stunning photo but Abby was really sensitive to the bright sunshine and it made it difficult for their photos but we work around it and pick out some different areas to photograph.

We tried out some quirky shots with the frame which we had used in engagement shoot but it was really nice to incorporate it in their wedding and they had great fun with it. Taking advantage of the striking light from the window at Leez Priory we captured a stunning shot of Abby which was very similar to a famous Manray Photograph.

Its was great to be a part of Abby & Garys Weddings and so nice to see some old faces a lovely wedding full of laughter.

abby & Gary







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