Leez Priory – Vintage Style Wedding Louise & Sean

15th March 2013 we shot the lovely wedding of Louise & Sean.  We met Louise & Sean then we realised we had shot some of their friends weddings, & Louise had worked with Stacey many many years ago before Photography.

We then also learnt that Louise’s bridesmaid was getting married just 13 days after at the same venue & they were each others bridesmaids.  So we were luckily enough going to shoot both weddings.

Stacey & Chantelle photographed Louise & Seans wedding while Amanda & Chantelle photographed Sophie & Adam’s.  Nice to have slightly different photographer on these weddings as they were so close together for very close friends & at the same venue so each photographer made them different but also similar   We worked hard behind the scenes at meeting to get this to work for both brides as we didn’t want the photos to look the same but also not be too far different.

Louise & Sean’s wedding started a little late as we managed to make it to the venue before louise as she was delayed at the hairdressers.  But she arrived and full speed ahead we got her ready & the day ran smoothly.  It was an overcast day so perfect for wedding photography, was a little cold but Louise was determined not to wear a bolero or such like as she wanted her photos to look a certain way.

Very much an old english vintage theme at this wedding with Louise’s hair which i must admit was a personal favourite of mine as it was loose yet tight and didnt move it was lovely and really suited Louise, and her dress colours used etc.

Louise & Sean where complimented but their lovely two sons/pageboys who were really well behaved.  A touch for me is the two boys carrying a blackboards/sign down the asle before louise saying here comes the bride.

Then both boys stood side by side while the eldest boy gave the rings to his mum & dad during the ceremony…bless.

This was the first wedding we tried out our new slideshow software & created a preview of images before their big viewing.  We do this atm for all weddings details of this will be finalised soon.

Heres the video link:


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