Katie & Colin’s Wedding at The Barn Brasserie Gt Tey

Katie & Colin were recommended to me by the venue at the Barn Brasserie in Gt Tey.  This was November and starting to get colder and the colour temp on these images show that and i boosted some to look colder again.

The couple had quirky decoration’s at their wedding which as you see below were painted rocks as this was a big craze at the time when people painted rocks and hid them for someone else to find, and they painted their own and hid them around the venue for the children to find.

Colin also had his dads blue car at the wedding which was extremely important to him and he really wanted it in the photos he gave me a photo which we re-created of him using Katie’s dress to clean his allow wheels.  He also had his car club come along to the wedding and he wanted a photo with them as you see below.

The venue does have some area for photos but they are not obvious there trees walkways bushes, a cart shed with an old wood cart inside, and not to forget the front of the barn and more.

The barn is different to other venues as the tables are a mixture of sizes and the ceremony area is upstairs and a small area overlooking the restaurant.  Its ideal for a smaller wedding but not ideal for larger weddings unless you have a church first.

Purple colour scheme again so popular and we used leaves again that were still available on the ground this time by getting the couple to throw them at he camera as they wanted some fun and quirky images.

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