Horse Wedding at Gosfield Hall Essex

On 22nd September 2012 the wedding of Kristian & Tori Collins took place at the beautiful Gosfield Hall.  The day was a lovely and sunny day with that Kristian & Tori were truly blessed. I always say that the groom has to find one thing that really means a lot to the bride “the key”, and he can do nothing else wrong!  Be it a photo of  loved ones that’s passed in a locket or in Kristian’s case bringing Tori’s horse that she hasn’t seen in ages, out of his retirement plot to be the ring bearer at their wedding! Yes Kristian arranged just that and well Tori was in floods of tears as Doulie Bug walked down the aisle carrying the rings on a satin pillow round his neck. Before Doulie made his entrance the registrars did ask the best men for the rings and they did their acting role of pretending they have left the in the car, while running off from the service to the car park and the guests looking around is amazement they return seconds later with Doulie, Tori’s white horse and the love of her life. Doulie featured in the photos of the bride and groom and in group shots with Tori’s horse friends before he made his exit back home. Tori was on a high and her day was perfect. Later after dinner Kristian & Tori surprised their guests with singing waiters.  They were there all day so the guests didn’t realise. They made their entrance (the lady making an un expected entrance by falling over) and they got the guests up singing and dancing and enjoying the day. It was great to work with Kristian & Tori & we hope to work at Gosfield Hall again very soon.

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