Hannah & Michael’s Halloween Wedding at Parklands Quendon Hall

Hannah & Michael’s wedding will be one i will never forget.  Most people avoid Halloween for a wedding but Hannah & Michael loved the idea and it really suited them and they really embrassed the theme.

The autmn colours still in the leaves on the trees and on the ground and the wistera on the walls of the house made for a great backdrop as you see below.

Hannah i have worked with before so we had a great relationship and it was lovely to get to know Michael in the process, and we managed to turn Michael from a man who hated photos to someone that enjoyed himself so much but letting him be him and at the viewing i even made him choke.

Hannah bouquet was stunning with the oranges and burnt red colours to bring the season into her bouquet and worked perfectly.  The couple spent days carving pumpkins as decorations and placed them around their venue which is a great cheap decoration for the time of year.

After a normal ceremony and photographer after the dinner the couple opted to change for outfits that more suit them.  Hannah changed to a black ballgown and Michael to a black outfit with hat as shown below. They couple hired a face painter to paint them for the evening who then went down to the guests and made patterns on their face that were pretty yet halloween themed.

In the evening the weirdest thing happened i went outside and a low fog was coming in just on the ground of the fields outside and the deer were playing in the fog and it was something i may never see again it was amazing so i took hannah to show her and took an image as below of her sitting on the wall.  Driving home that night was extremely foggy and creepy for a halloween night.

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