Clare & Ray’s Wedding at St Nicholas Ye Olde Plough House

Clare & Ray’s wedding was super high enery fun and mad they were literally up for anything and Ray had loads of ideas like instead of standing on the bridge at Ye Old Plough House he wanted to pretend to be falling in by Clare pushing him.

We did walking shots that ended up being jumping see below.

Church wedding and groups and some photos taken in a field we found opposite the church then back to Ye Olde Plough House for more photos by the arch and bridge of the two of them.

Clare and Ray met one was a tennis coach one was the student so they brought along their tennis rackets for a few shots!

We did the smoke bombs in the evening and they decided to keep changing every few seconds into marvel characters i was laughing so much! They were so fun.

Clare has a unique idea involving her nan she wanted her and the maids being naughty like drinking etc next to her name while clare covered nans eyes so she did see and bless nan she went along with it!

Ray also had a bromance going on with his bestman and as you see below they wanted their own couples shots taken which they took so seriously.

Was lovely in the evening of this wedding to see an older couple of mine from many years ago as guests with their newborn baby! Once again a recommendation which is lovely.

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