Chelsea & Luke’s Wedding at Top Meadow Golf Club

Chelsea & Luke were married on 6th November at St Peters & St Pauls Church in Grays and then a reception at Top meadow gold club where the bride also got ready.

This couple had lots of changes also in the planning process mainly the church changed due to not having a vicar so we did photos at the church then we went to the church they wanted to get married at for a few photos on the way to the reception.

Due the limited parking at the church the couple put on a red london bus route master from top meadow to the church then back again for the guests.

This couple had a second photographer from me and Chantelle was able to go on the bus with the guests to take photos.  The couple travelled in a white london taxi to go with the london theme.

The couple had their elderly dog come to the venue for photos with a sign saying i loved her first and he passed not long after the big day.


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