Charlotte & Rob’s Wedding At Friern Manor Essex


Charlotte & Rob’s wedding was held on 16th July at The Coaching Stables at Friern Manor in Dunton Essex, and will be one i never forget… why because the bride got ready at home to travel to the venue to put her dress on, however there was a major accident on the A127 near the venue the bride arrived on time but with no dress as her dress with with her mum and step dad behind the accident on the 127.

Her dress arrived just minutes before the bride was due to see the registrars, it arrived i grabbed it and with my help we got her dress on in super time as her mum and bridesmaids also all had to get dressed as the dresses were together, we do help dress brides but this was the quickest we ever had to dress a bride.

Which meant not lots of photos are taken before the ceremony of the bride and maids due to no dresses. But we managed to get some of them in dressing gowns waiting with champagne.

Their flower girl was their little cutie pie of  daughter Hallie who i had the pleasure of looking after while the couple had their meal i walked her round in her pram and got her asleep and sat with her so they could eat.  We try to do what we can to help out at weddings to make sure the couple are stress free and enjoy their day.

Luckily we managed to do a catch up after the ceremony and their day ran smoothly after that.

The couple were young and fun we find this when people have young children that they are wanting fun at their wedding too.

We used the hollywood clapper board and chalk boards, their photographs also suited the rainbow effects we can add to images.

In the evening we went out back into the fields to see the sunset in a corn field.

Wedding at Friern Manor

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