Charlotte & Dale’s Wedding At Channels Estate

Charlotte & Dale were married on 19th August at Channels Estate.

Charlotte prepared in the Channels Lodge and was able to walk across to the barn for an indoor ceremony due to rain.

Charlotte was very good with the camera and there was a very vintage theme to the photographs.

They had lots of quirky and different ideas they seen on pinterest and used props to have relaxed images.  One of my favourite images is her flowergirls standing in the brides shoes in front of the brides dress.

Knowing the venue well here came into advantage with the rain as i knew all the areas we could go for dry spots and the couple were very impressed after a short walk under one of our white brollys to a dry area under trees where they meet like an archway.

They had a vintage theme with lilac as their colour scheme.

This was one of those wedding where it was working fast and popping in and out between rain showers.

We were clever to get group shots done as soon as the weather cleared and just got the last few photographs done under the trees in the wedding garden.

The couple purchased the most bright coloured confetti which was stunning for photographs.

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