Carly & Peter’s Wedding at Warley Park

Carly & Pete were married at the lovely Warley Park in Warley Brentwood Essex on 25th August 2018.

Warley has a stunning outdoor ceremony area on a jetty on their lake and seating area for the guests to watch along with a bar.

This was a very fun and quirky wedding that suited Carly’s personality and Pete just went along with the flow.  Carly was always laughing and bubbly in our meetings and it was no surprise that she told me she liked to be center of attention and hence she wasked for the mobile phone shot below!

Now the wedding ceremony went ahead as planned and then we went out the front of the building to take photos by the red london bus they hired for the guests.  After returning to the guests and totally against the weather forecast it rained heavy!! Totally not on the prediction.

So all the guests had to run inside the bar area causing a few guests to pass out and ambulance was called.

We hid the couple under the trees on the bridge and they didnt get wet and i used a brolley on my shoulder to continue.

Then the sun came out so groups took place promptly then the rain came again so all the guests had to go inside the main building cutting photos short so we took the couple out again in the evening for a few more photos.



Warley Park Weddings

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