Alex & Will’s Wedding in a tipee in Maldon

Alex & Will went for a unique idea for their wedding and i wished more people were brave enough to do this.  In the UK you can not get married anywhere including at home so they got rounf this loop hole but doing the paperwork a few days before and did their actual ceremony in their parents garden in maldon under an  arch with a chaplin who was a friend on the family  It was a unique ceremony with some lovely details.  All the guests stood around so it was very relaxed.

They had a tipee covering the whole garden not leaving room for photos so luckily there was a small gate that lead into a fields behind their paretns house.  So ideal for their group shots.

Luckily i am experience photographer with eye fo details and clever angles to find places for photos so some bending down and shooting from different angles and being creative was needed but the result i just love.

They were super lucky as they had a sunset to die for out in the field you could see it so clear which just never happens at any venues i work at.


Tipee Wedding

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