A Knock Out Wedding @ Channels Golf Club

In August 2012 we shot a wedding at Channels Golf Club, the day started a dark and overcast day and then the heavens opened and down came the rain!  We just managed the bridal photos in the garden before it looked set in for the day.

We arrived at Channels to meet the groom & his men in heavy rain…. we looked like drowned rats.  But we came prepared with brollies in hand!!!

Darren looked at us and we said “come on here is a brolley lets go dance in the rain…” Darren reply was that he was  up for a laugh, so with groom best man & usher out in the pouring rain we went.  While we were waiting for dad to join us the rain just stopped so we continued with photographs of the lovely car Darren’s boss had leant him for the day with the registration of BOXER.

After the wedding the day progressed and the sun made an appearance and Darren’s drove his bosses car to the lake at Channels and out he pulls his surprise…two sets of his bosses signed white boxing gloves.  So in front of the car with the registration plate to match the bride and groom took their places for their first fight on their marriage, but this time with gloves on.

Tracey seemed to take great satisfaction in pretending to hit Darren.

Due to the rain Tracey’s hair had gone from the beautiful curls to straight with a little wave.  So as they sat down for their wedding breakfast, we whispered in Tracey’s ear we were popping home to get our straignters and we returned after the meal.   We took Tracey to the bridal suite in the beautiful Channels Lodge with comb, straightners and hairspray at hand we re-curled Tracey’s hair.  It may not be as good as the professionals but we didn’t have as much time, but we fixed a flat situation and Tracey was ready to greet her evenings guests all fresh and curly. xx

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