• Welcome to S E Photography

    We are a female team of photographers based in Chelmsford Essex. We offer a quality, personal & modern approach to photography.

    We specialise in wedding photography and we pride ourselves on not just being the photographer on your day we aim to help you have the most perfect day possible.

    We also cover Families, Children, Newborns & Corporate work such as company head shots or product shots.

    We are recommended at variety of venues across Essex including: Mulberry House - Ongar, Channels Golf Club - Chelmsford, The Reid Rooms - Margaret Roding, Hylands House - Chelmsford, Little Channels - Great Waltham, Amphora Suite at Playgolf - Colchester, The Warren Golf Club - Maldon, Warley Golf Club - Warley, Crabbs Barn - Kelvedon, Mangapp Manor - Burnham, Ivy Hill - Margaretting, Pontlands Park - Great Baddow, Furze Hill - Margaretting. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Heart Essex Wedding Show Official Photographs February 2016 – Photographers

Once again in February 2016 for the 9th Year running we have taken the official photographs for the Heart Essex Wedding Show at the Brentwood Centre in Essex.

We love taking part in this show we exhibit our work and also take the photographs used to advertise the show.

We cover the fashion show and we cover photos for exhibitors stands and general public to get the feel of the day in photos.

The models can sometimes be cheeky which we love as they make great photos as they play to the camera especially in dance routines.

The show is amazingly choreographed with dancing, catwalk, music, themes and theres 2 shows show a and show b and each is repeated twice a day so everyone gets the chance to see it.

This years fashion show was hosted by Su Harrison from the breakfast show, who did an amazing job this year.

The day went so well it was really busy today and we are looking forward to tomorrow which is normally busier.